Window Cleaning Tip – Beware Of The Gas Bandit

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window-cleanerWith gas prices soaring, your commuting time from job to job becomes a major area of potential lost earnings if you are not careful.

Most window cleaners who carries all the window cleaning products for your cleaning needs are aware of the fact that you need to account for the time wasted in driving to the job in your bid price. Typically this means simply adding and additional $20 or more to your bid price.

However, what in the past wasn’t much of a variable is now rearing its head and undercutting window cleaner’s profits. I’m talking about gas prices and the amount of gas used to get to the job. With prices topping $3.00 a gallon and with work vehicles typically not being the most fuel efficient vehicles it doesn’t take much to see how this combination can and will affect your profits.

Now that you know about the problem how do you prevent it from affecting you?

The simplest way to solve this problem is to add a fixed amount of money to every estimate you do. Figure out how much gas you think you will use getting to the job and times that by the price per gallon or a little over.

Unless the job is extremely close to you, I would recommend a minimum charge of at least $5 or $6 just to be on the safe side.

All of the big companies providing window cleaning services that rely on transportation to make their money are passing the cost of gas directly on to the customer, so why should you be any different.