Travel in style with Hummer Limousine Australia

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taxiLimousine, the name itself takes your imaginations to a level of sophistication. Thinking oneself as a celebrity and being treated like one is every one’s dream. Limousine Services in New York bring this dream to life for us. These services offer a variety of limousines such as Lincoln Navigator Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo, Chrysler 300 Limo, and Hummer Limousine New York. What you need to do is to pick up according to your liking as well as your requirements. Hummer Limousine New York is one if it’s kind in both the style and elegance. It is categorized as super stretched limo. Limousine services in New York give you option to pickup from 4 to 6 person standard limos, to 10 to 12 person stretched and 20 to 26 person super stretched limousines. New York where known is for many things is also famous for partying. This is the reason Hummer Limousine stands at the top in all the Limousine Services in New York.

History of Hummer

An interesting thing to know about Hummer Limousine or maxi cab limousine services is that it was first used by the U.S. military in 1979 as a replacement of lighter vehicles and jeeps. It caught the awe of people during gulf war when soldiers were seen on TV driving around hummers. To the general public it came in 1991 and got an instant success. It got more fame when people saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in riding one. With its army background Hummer Limousine New York is the best option if you want to drive out of town or on rugged areas of the countryside. So unlike other stretched limos you can take hummer limos wherever you want. Party events like wedding, prom nights, bachelor parties, or bachelorette parties, or name an event, Hummer Limousine will serve it as easy as you like.

Hummer’s Luxuries

Just like it is tough to be driven at any rough road Hummer Limousine New York is luxurious for its 20 plus passenger capacity. First of all there is a vast room for every passenger to sit in the soft comfortable leather seats. Then you have lighted dance floors with stereos and Music collection. You have TV, Playstation 2, DVD player, collection of latest DVDs, Strobe lights, and color changing Fiber optics. With these you get an ideal environment for partying in an elegant and stylish manner.

Safe Style

Though Limousine Services in New York earn through all the occasions but their major business comes from the weddings and prom season. Hummer limousine is the priority of the most because of its passenger handling capability and style. Limousine rental services for prom night are totally backed by the parents. The reason is they provide you the limo along with a well dressed chauffer. So there is no fear of late-night, over speed, or drunk driving.

Hiring a Limo

Since renting a single limo can be expensive so most of the couples hire Hummer Limousine to split the rent money. In this way you can enjoy more luxuries of Hummer Limousine New York as compared to the standard size limos and avail an environment of party inside your limo. On the other hand if you can afford to rent the Hummer Limousine New York by your own then it’ll probably be the best way to inspire your date as well as your friends. When you ride in the toughest yet elegant vehicle, it not only adds to your charm but make you feel cool and confident with your date and friends. You start partying even before the party.

Weddings and Hummers

The second biggest use of Hummer Limousine New York is in the Weddings. The reason is that every one wants a wedding that is unique, special, and memorable. They don’t want a traditional wedding like everyone else’s, which eliminates the wedding in huge church, traditional wedding limos, or even white dress. They come up with their own traditions and new themes and Hummer Limousine New York absolutely suits such non traditional weddings. Moreover you can ask your chauffer to dress according to the theme of your wedding, which brings more elegance to your ride. One important thing to note regarding Limousine Services in New York is that they increase even double the rent during spring or prom season especially for the huge demands of the sophisticated limos such as Hummer Limousines. So it is better to reserve your favorite limo or Melbourne taxi service  almost a year before your wedding date.