Top Yoga Exercises To Keep You Fit

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The latest craze among all the fitness enthusiasts is yoga. All thanks to the people who are creating awareness and even younger generation is paying attention to it so that they can get fit. There are many who have started joining yoga classes and others like to practice yoga at home. Therefore, here is Top Yoga Exercises to Keep You Fit as fiddle.

Paschimottanasana (trunk flexion)


• Sit on your yoga mat and stretch your legs in front of your upper body. Don’t bend knees
• Inhale deeply and keep your spine straight
• Exhale and bend forward to touch the tip of your toes with fingers
• If you do this correctly, your face will be parallel to your knees
• Take few breaths normally and with deep inhalation, sit up straight. release your hands and keep by your side
• Repeat 5 times
Baddha konasana (cobbler pose)

image-2• This asana is perfect to shape up your buttocks and thighs
• Sit on your mat with spine in straight position
• Bend your legs and keep the soles edge in a way that your feet touch each other. Your heels must touch your inner thigh
• Now with hands grasp your ankles
• Inhale deeply keeping your spine and shoulder straight
• Exhale and press your soles
• Maintain this position as long as you are comfortable and keep on taking deep breaths
• If it is possible, bend forward to touch your chin on the ground.

Balasna (child pose)

image-3• Sit on the floor bending your knees keeping them separate from each other. Rest your hips on heels.
• Place hands on thighs
• Now slowly bend forward so that upper torso rest on thighs
• Now bend forward and touch the ground with your forehead
• Bring hands at the back and let them free beside your feet. Keep your palms facing the roof or you can hold your heels.

Vrikshasana (Tree pose)

• Stand in a straight position , keep your feet together and hands by your sideimage-4
• Now lift light leg up , bend knees and place the foot on your left thigh
• Keep your hands above your hand in Namaste position. Do not bend your elbows
• Breathe in the normal manner
• When you want to rest get back to normal position and keep hands side
• Repeat this position with your other leg