Top Workouts For Chronic Pain

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People who have fibromyalgia are well aware of the stiffness and chronic pain it can cause. Therapy and medication plays key role in controlling its symptoms. Incorporating exercises can hugely improve the quality of life in such a case. Here are five Top Workouts for Chronic Pain.

1. Strength Training
The trick here is to train using lightweights, lifting them slowly so that your muscles can tone and improve the strength. According to the studies, strength training can also help in depression symptoms. You should work on some major regions such as abs, arms, shoulders, chest, back, and legs. Do this 2-3 times in a week and take one-day break. Start with eight reps and slowly lift up to 10-12 reps.

2. Walking
WalkingIt is easy, light and an excellent way of aerobic exercise, which provides many health benefits. Walking can bring nutrition and oxygen to muscles and keeps you healthy. It can also boost energy levels, reduce pain and stiffness and the most important it can reduce FMS symptoms. If you love biking, then it is another great way of getting relaxation. Other forms of aerobic workouts that are effective include swimming and warm water, cold-water aerobics.

• Warm water can relax muscles and its buoyancy aids in movements
• Coldwater can tense up muscles

3. Yoga
Hatha kind practice is a combination of gentle postures, meditation, and breathing. It reduces chronic pain symptoms. Yoga can also build energy levels and endurance. It also improves concentration. You can modify your moves, which helps in reducing stress. In case any position hurts, tweak it and still you will get benefits. As long you can get into basic position, a comfortable is what matters.

4. Stretching
stretching-exercisesTo increase your body flexibility stretching is one thing that you must do everyday once. It can increase flexibility of stiff muscles, loosen tight, improves a variety of motions. All this will assist you in easing everyday movements. Stretching also helps in tolerance during workout sessions. Stretch to warm up and cool down. Start with positioning until you feel stretch in your muscles; hold the stretch for one minute to avail full benefit.

5. Everyday Activities
According t studies gardening, playing with kids, mopping floors are the things that counts a lot and increase your fitness level. This will also help in chronic pains and reduce its symptoms. You can plan your days and include activities that are more physical in your day.