Top 5 benefits that custom medals bring into a brand’s life!

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Medals are a piece of metal, mostly precious ones, which are engraved with a design to commemorate a person, place, or an event. They can be of various shapes, and sizes, and customized according to the needs of the hour. Medallions are a bigger version of medals and given to mark honour or talent. Both of these are made by a variety of techniques, like being cast from a model of wax, wood or stone, or by impressing the design onto the metal using pressure or even by the ‘repoussé’ process. They are a thin disc carrying the design on both sides and are mostly given as awards. The one who creates medals and medallions are known as a medallist.

A medal may be awarded to a person in recognition of his achievements in the field of sports, military, science, academics, culture etc. So, instead of giving away regular medals, why not indulge in giving away customized medals in Melbourne? Just Badges are one of the best companies to contact for your medals, medallions, badges, key rings etc. needs. They are known for producing high quality and affordable advertising and promotional merchandise for businesses and organizations since decades. You could take your pick from a variety of custom medals like soft enamels, unique cloisonné, shiny and sandblast, antique medals etc.

Advantages of using custom medals

Whether you are planning for some event for the general masses or looking forward to awarding your star employees, you are forever faced with the problem of what to offer. Should you award cash or plaques or medals or pin badges or certificates? Should you restrict the awards to the event winners, the best performers, or give something to each of the participants? Custom medals are the best solution to all of these problems. Even better, they have quite a few benefits to its name. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Raises the respect: At some point in your life, you may have hosted an event or a race that nobody came to know about. Watching someone cross the finishing line is exciting, but it’s over in a jiffy. Getting a custom medal in an awards ceremony gives the media an opportunity to capture interesting footage and the brand gets into the limelight for all the correct reasons.
  • Sense of value: Along with the viewer’s preferences to see the awards ceremony, even the participants like to take something home, especially if it’s something customized. It denotes a sense of value to the participation and the winning. Also, medals for all who took part offer value to everyone, encouraging participation.
  • Brand building: Awarding medals is one of the best ways to build your brand recognition. Let your medals reflect your brand values and look for creative ideas to design the customized medals for the various positions. The medal will then go on to become one of the best forms to describe the brand and its ideologies.
  • Employee engagement: Business often has issues with employee engagement and look for a way to improve upon it. This is made worse by the system of annual reviews. Employees yearn for recognition upon their accomplishments and custom medals help with just that. Don’t offer feedback months after the event has taken place. Give out customized medals at the correct time and make your employees feel better and motivated.
  • Foster goodwill: Employee engagement and loyalty is often stifled by family goodwill. Spouses, children, or even parents of the employees are often troubled by the late working hours of the employees. Use these custom medals to mark their sacrifices. It fosters goodwill as you portray the fact that you realize employees have a life beyond the workplace.

So, as parting thoughts, we can see that custom medals offer many benefits for businesses as they help to solidify the brand. They seem to take the form of pride for ends, the donor, as well as the recipient. Basically, they help to mark an event and make it memorable for lifetime.