The various modes of transportation you could choose from to travel from Dover cruise terminal to London!

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Needless to say, travelling in a cruise is one of the best ways to see the world, or at least we think so. Cruise vacations are a sure shot part of THE bucket list of every travel lover around the world. But, when you are busy planning the itinerary of the trip, super excited to see the world, standing on the deck and riding over the waves of the vast ocean, you also need to step down from your imaginary ship for a moment. Yes, we are sorry to burst your bubble, but you will have to invest a substantial amount of planning for the time when you won’t be on the ship.

You need to carefully decide how you shall be travelling from the port city to the cruise terminal on the day of embarkation; and how you shall be travelling back to the city once you get down from the ship. It all depends on the budget you have set for the vacation as well as your priorities. Whether you want to give more importance to the travelling costs or the travelling time or the convenience depends on you and will decide the course of your trip. Undoubtedly, travelling in private, chauffeured luxurious cars are loved by all, and hence the currently rising popularity of cruise transfer services in London and airport transfer services like EC Minibus. They are one such reputed transfer service which offers the most luxurious and convenient modes of travel be it airport transfers or cruise transfers at the best prices.

Different modes of travelling that you could choose from

Imagine, you are travelling near London area, and you need to get aboard your ship from either of the three cruise terminals, Dover, Southampton, and Harwich. All three of the ports are located at more or less at a similar distance from Central London, and depends on where your ship embarks/disembarks from. There are various modes of transportation from Dover cruise terminal to London and you can take your pick. So, let’s see what options are available, shall we:

  • Walking: If you want to walk from the cruise terminals to the railway or bus stations, it’s quite a few kilometres or well over a mile. Also, if you have too much luggage with you, we advise you to refrain from walking. That’s one of the worst ways to end/start your cruise vacation.
  • Buses: The cheapest travelling option is to go for nationalized buses. They are 50 seat coach buses, having washrooms. But, they don’t take you straight to your hotel or the cruise terminal. You will need to get off at the bus station and take a taxi from there.
  • Trains: The fastest travel options are the train services. Multiple trains run every hour and have three separate routes from Dover and connect to 5 major railway stations at Central London. But, once you get down at the station, you will need to hire a taxi to get to your hotel or the terminal.
  • Taxis: You need to hire a taxi to travel between the terminal and the railway bus stations. You could also chose a taxi for the entire journey from the taxi rank at the terminal. Though you shall have to wait up in queues and the drivers offer a poor exchange rate if you own foreign currency.
  • Cruise transfer: And finally, there’s the unmatched option of going for cruise transfer services. If money is an unconstrained matter to you, this is the most comfortable, luxurious mode of travel you could go for. Pre book your ride and you shall be greeted with a smiling chauffeur as you step down from the ship. Travel and relax in your luxurious ride as you are taken straight to your destination.

So, these are the main modes of travel that you could use to travel between Dover terminal and London. You could take your pick which suits your budget and priorities. It also depends on the number of people you are travelling together. So, ready to go cruising?