The 5 most common types of car upholstery: Which one should you use?

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It is important to keep your car in great condition. The interiors are as important as the engine, and the exterior of your car. Do you have that friend who lights up a cigarette, or eats, while you are driving? As annoying as they can be, it’s important to set some rules for people entering your vehicle, and unintentionally doing some damage. The upholstery can easily accrue grime, stains, dirt, dust and stains. Keep an eye on the upkeep, and you will not struggle with restoring it.

If you need to know how to maintain your car seats, is it not imperative to know what kind of upholstery is fitted in your vehicle? We spend a lot of time in our car. From running errands, dropping the kids off to school, work shifts, dinner and dates – all of this and more! We have to treat the cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle, just like we would a room in our homes. When you don’t have the knowledge for fixing the roof or a crack in the wall, you have to call the repair guy. If you need to get the job done quickly, and you can’t leave the kids at home, it would be wise to search for an expert mobile car upholstery repair team. Sydney Car Roof Linings have an amazing team, who comes to you, with their mastery spanning two decades. They have been churning out the best work, designs, repairs and installations for their customers, so why not go with the most trained, experienced and certified people on the job?

What are the common types of upholstery you find in a car?

The material used in upholstery is considered carefully depending on several factors. The type of climate, frequency of use, maintenance and feel you want to bring into your vehicle. Have a look at the salient features, to understand what you should be investing in for a comfortable ride.

  • Nylon: It is one of the most commonly chosen materials. It is budget friendly, offers good strength and durability, and the material is water-proof. If you are prone to extra spillage, have pets and children, then this would be a good option for you.  Nylon comes in a decent variety of colours, designs and patterns. It is a practical material but very low on comfort.
  • Polyester: Polyester is, also, commonly used in car interiors. The material feels comfortable and is soft to feel. It consists of a fabric called micro-suede, which mimics leather suede. It is not maintenance-free as it is quite difficult to clean. It will not be a good choice, if you have pets or kids. Since it is susceptible to stains and dirt, you will need a steam cleaner for tidying and cleansing. Else you will need to buy a specific cleaning agent for micro-suede.
  • Leather: It is the most luxurious of upholstery materials, and also the most expensive. Leather is produced from cowhide. In car interiors, the leather that is used has to be extremely durable. Lower cost leather is more susceptible to blemishes and tears. When you opt for leather, you know you are settling for high-maintenance work, expensive cleaning agents and precision care. Since the material is delicate, cleaning should not involve any abrasive agents like detergents. Chamois is what is used to wipe leather gently. It finishes the cleaning of leather perfectly.
  • Vinyl:  It was introduced around the fifties, as a newer material in comparison to leather. Due to its non-porous nature, and being waterproof, it has been extensively used. Some types of vinyl, mimic the look of leather.  It makes for easy maintenance, can be cleaned easily – especially when it comes to stains. It does require a specific cleaning agent just for the purpose. Vinyl is not meant for humid and hot weather. Your interiors can get stuffy quickly. The material can get damaged easily with constant exposure to heat.
  • Faux leather:  As the name suggests, it mimics leather upholstery. Do you really want leather interiors for your car, but cannot afford it? This is your choice. It gives you the same luxurious look, but has an entirely different feel to it. It is easy on maintenance, and barely needs difficult cleaning equipment. These are what most shiny, new car seats are made up of. They wear away quickly as they are prone to cracking, just like vinyl.

So, everything about your car depends on the upholstery that you choose. The right material enhances the comfort value, keeps your car maintenance free and gives you the driving comfort that you expect. Is it time to re-think your car’s interior design?