Take your interior photography skills to the next level with these tips!

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Imagine yourself flipping through a home decor magazine, or scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you stop and take a moment to drool over some gorgeous interior that catches your eye. Yes, we have all been there, done that. The images might seem a bit too unreal, but they are actually not. It’s all about the magic in the photographer’s eyes. Interior photography is all about paying attention to detail and meeting the sky-high expectations of interior designers or clients. There’s a lot of work that goes into the post-production, and soon you are greeted with magazine worthy interior design photographs.

Of course, any xyz person can go around and shoot a property in few minutes. It may be decent, but great eye-catching decors call for worthy snaps that will command a better bid for the property. That’s precisely why the interior photography should stand out and call out to the clients. Hire a great photo studio in Birmingham, like Dean Mitchell Photography. They are a leading name in the industry, and will make sure to present you with stunning results that will justify the beauty of your premises. And needless to say, you will be able to fetch a better price and also loads of compliments.

Tips to create stunning interior photography

Mostly, people are never too much of a fan of following rules, especially when something as creative as interior design photography is involved. Although you may be a firm believer of a fact that there is no such thing as a bad photo (it’s just the way you see it), but yet, there may be certain tips or guidelines that you may put to use to ace those photography skills. They provide a perfect framework within which you can move around and have fun. And finally, present results that would make you feel happy and accomplished. So, let’s get shooting:

  • Correct composition: Well, when it comes to photography in general, and interior photography in particular, it’s all about letting the composition guide you. This implies that you need to get the basics like white space, depth, colour, balance etc. right. Remember composition is the key to work-of-art photos that makes the design elements stand out. And that’s exactly what your client wants.
  • Create depth: You need to create depth in your photography by styling the items and placing the furniture in the right way. You need to make sure that your eye lands on an area where you are intending it to land on. Don’t let anything disturbing sneak into the frame. Finally, set up an interesting and luxurious space.
  • Keep the lights off: This may sound like a matter of personal preference, but all high-end interior photography calls for the lights to be kept off. Bright, new interior lights create all kinds of shadows and takes the attention away from certain deserving elements. So keep the lights off for balanced, natural, and evenly lit photographs.
  • Clutter-free: As obvious as it may seem, clearing off clutter from the shoot location pre-shoot is a must. It’s important that the viewer’s get to see that stunning marble countertop or that intricately detailed sculpture on the shelf. Prepare the space well for the photos, which will assure absolutely perfect shots.
  • Not too wide: Though you might be of the opinion that wide angle shots rule, but that’s not always the case. In interior photography, it’s all about making the various beautiful designs in the space stand out (and not necessarily showing how large the space is). These photographs require tighter compositions with lots of vignettes and details. Use a tighter lens and avoid any kind of lens distortion.

So, creating those flashy, stunning, magazine-like interior photographs might not seem too difficult now. Keeping these tips in mind will get you well on your way. Make sure to offer your clients with results that speak of luxury and warmth, and they will be more than happy.