Know how to prioritize rooms for painting! The secret’s out!

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Needless to say, painting your home is a big job to handle. You need to do a lot of things, like shifting the furniture, wrapping them up, covering your flooring, preparing the walls for the painting job, and much more. If you are planning to go for this huge task, and painting the entire house, you just can’t go about it like that. You need to strategically plan your moves and decide the order of your work. You need to pick one room at a time, get it painted, and then move onto the next.

You need to make sure that you follow such a strategy which will allow you to get the whole painting thing wrapped up at the earliest and with results that are most efficient. You need to remember that you can’t go at a tortoise’s pace, as you will have to live without important rooms and facilities for a long period of time. You will also have to tolerate paint fumes and smells while you get the job done. So, with so much going on already, it’s best for you to follow certain tips and hacks that will help you lead a life as normal as possible under the circumstances. We shall tell you how to prioritize your rooms for an interior painting job. Home Smart is known for offering plaster repairs as well as undertaking residential painting tasks in the best way possible.  Along with their skilled staff, they make sure to deliver flawless results and well painted homes.

How to prioritize your rooms for painting

Well, the first and foremost thing you need to decide, after the solid plastering is done, of course, is what the end goal of this painting is. Are you remodelling your home to put it out in the market for sale, or you just want to upgrade to a better life in a more beautiful home? Knowing the purpose before you set out on the painting job, will help you prioritize and decide the order of rooms. For example, in case you are getting your house ready for sale, you need to paint the main rooms first, like the entryway, living room, bedroom etc. But, in case you are upgrading for yourself, then you can start off with the guest bedrooms and bathrooms and get them done and out of the way.

  • Bedroom: Starting by painting your master bedroom is a great idea, as it will quickly help you to settle back in. You will have a place to sleep and bathroom amenities to use. You won’t have to camp out in the living room for too long. And of course, you can wake up in this freshly painted, beautiful room, which in turn will motivate you to complete the rest of the house.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen could also be a great place to start the painting, as you need to get it quickly done and out of the way. The kitchen is a highly functional part of our homes, and we can’t live on food delivery forever right? Starting off with the kitchen will help you get back to normalcy soon, and also help you avoid spending too much cash on take away food. Also, a beautiful, refreshing kitchen can motivate you to finish the entire house.
  • Living room: The living room generally eats up a lot of time, and so you should be prepared. It’s generally one of the biggest rooms of the house, and has all sorts of furniture that you have to shift elsewhere, into other parts of the house. So, painting this room can be a huge headache and also quite disruptive. Thus, it’s best suited if you tackle this room at the very end of the painting project.

So, this is how you could practically and strategically decide your plan of action. Plan your steps, map out your way through the house, and in no time and hassle, you shall find a freshly painted and beautiful home staring right at you. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely idea?