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Interior Basement Design

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If you have an unfinished basement or one is serious need of re-modeling then interior basement design is something you are going to require. A re-designed or finished basement can add plenty of value to your home. It also provides an area for you and your family to entertain friends and family. It also is an excellent place to set up a games room or an in home theatre system as well. Since most basements do not have large windows for letting in light, they require more artificial light than the upper rooms. With this in mind, you may be more inclined to paint the walls a lighter color, which is a good idea.

When planning your interior basement design, keep in mind the heating and cooling issues. Most basements are cooler than the upstairs of a home. Therefore, keeping it cool in the summer will not be too difficult in most cases. You may need to add a secondary heat source such as a wood stove or fireplace to help keep it warm in the winter months. This is a better idea than cranking the furnace and raising your heating costs through the roof. If possible, try to relocate duct work and pipes to create more headroom. Consult a professional before attempting to move anything.

Usually, every basement has a water problem at one point or another. With this in mind, it is good practice to install a more water resistant floor such as vinyl or tiles. It is not a good idea to install hardwood flooring or carpeting if you have a history of water problems in your basement. Your interior basement design should take into account these important issues about flooring. If your basement is quite large then you may want to think about dividing it into smaller rooms, especially if you need more bedrooms in your home.

When thinking of interior basement design, many people start thinking of all the possibilities that their re-designed basement will provide. If you have a lot of exercise equipment and you never really had the space for it, maybe re-locating it to the basement is a great idea. Make sure your ceiling is high enough for some of the exercises you will be doing.