How to Style your House and Make it Sell Fast!!

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The real estate season has its ups and downs. Most home sales get affected seasonally by these fluctuations. To help compensate for the seasonal crashes, you must be ready to vamp up things and set the ball rolling in tune with the market demands. Would you stay put, waiting for the winds of change to blow? It might take you a very long time. Don’t miss the boat!! Change is a constant in everything around you. With change, comes opportunity.

So, the goal is to create a great first impression. They should be able to say, “I’ll buy it!” When selling a house, you need to depersonalise the property to make it inviting to the seeker.  To remove any traces of occupancy, the house needs to be stripped of their personality. This involves a lot of effort. It may require several necessary changes like remodelling the entire porch or kitchen, emptying the space out, painting – all for selling it at the highest price. Is it possible to make the job simple with encapsulated techniques of interior redesigning in the shortest span of time? Wouldn’t it be wiser to opt for experts to spruce up your house staging? Within Brisbane, Brisbane Makeover Co. are renowned for their expertise on how to make the return on your home investments substantial.

Practical ways to style your house for sale

Amazing amenities, ambiance, beautiful garden, landscaping, great interiors are just some of the things that you imagine, at the top of your head, when preparing your home for styling. Putting a house for sale requires step by step planning and implementation. Here’s how to go about this task in an efficient manner.

  • Depersonalise: You need to detach emotionally from your house to make it inviting for new occupancy. When you detach completely, you will be able to make the required changes immediately. Start removing your clutter, valuables, furniture, etc. Clear countertops and floors. Remove any personal items, simplify and detoxify the place of any memories of a previous owner. Store away your belongings to a make-shift or mobile storage unit.  Help the place invite its new members. Remove family pictures and photographs.
  • Clean: Scrub the place from top to bottom. Make it look shiny and spanking new! Get rid of stains, scribbles on the walls and furniture. All clutter must leave! Cupboards, cabinets and closets need to be purged of all belongings. Remove almost everything that you can possibly get rid of. Clean the floors! Remove all rugs and carpeting. People want to see the floor. Make the windows gleam, scrub off all grout and shine the mirrors till they are spotless. You might just want to give deep cleaning services a try, so that nothing turns off a potential buyer.
  • Repair: Fix what is broken. When you are buying something new, wouldn’t you want it to be in perfect condition? Whether it’s the plumbing, re-painting the walls, broken windows, wood work, replacing parts – make that to-do list, and finish it off.
  • Show off Closets and Storage Space: Purge most of the clothing and contents from closets and storage areas. Show off the spaces, open it up and let the light in. Replace any damaged lights or bulbs. Give the impression of overall spaciousness.
  • Fresh flowers: Get some indoor plants, if you don’t have any, and place them in particular areas to highlight a living space. Don’t cluster them together. Freshly cut flowers placed in neutral coloured vases can be placed on your counters and tables. Perhaps, a few succulents in the living area, too?
  • Lighting: Make your staged home look warm and attractive with ambient lighting. Most rooms in the house do not have the right fixtures. Try to get over three types of lighting set up in each room – ambient, task lighting and wall accents.
  • Keep it Neutral: Tone down a room by giving a fresh lick of paint in muted tones. You get varied hues of pastels, warm blues and sage greens that work well in large areas of the home.

Making your house prim and polished, with the above tips can raise your property value manifold. This will give your property that competitive edge on the housing market. Creating balanced spaces is not such hard work, when you follow the above points, don’t you feel? By the end of restyling your home, you might just want to move back in!!