Fancy a bigger kitchen? Here’s what you need to know!

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Do your home renovation plans include making your kitchen bigger? Most of us dream of kitchens that are as beautiful as any other part of our homes. We spend so much time in there, cooking the meals that nourish our family and bodies. Kitchens are hubs of activities in any home (or most homes!). Augmenting spaces in your home add value to your property. If you love your family home, and do not want to move, yet feel that you need something extra from it, then renovating the space is your best bet. You have no clue about how to start extending your living space, you say? Keep reading.

You may be hoping to find someone professional, reliable, enthusiastic, someone who has your best interests in mind. Finding the best home designer, who help with great quality construction designs and affordability, is such a tough quest. There are some prompt and service-minded home renovation companies that offer free designs, and work with customers who are seeking optimal solutions. If you are looking for home extensions in Sydney, Pinnacle Constructions and Design offer great interior architecture options, and styles to enhance the feel and look of your place with high-quality design work.

Top things to note while extending your kitchen

If you are cramped for space in that tiny kitchen of yours, it is about time to start searching for reputed and experienced home renovation and building companies in Sydney. Here’s what you need to consider before starting on kitchen extensions:

  • Ventilation:  It is imperative to have proper ventilation throughout the kitchen. There should be enough windows or balconies/patios to air out the space. Kitchens can get foggy and musty with the amount of heat that is produced. If there are no outlets for ventilation, it becomes a hot mess! Would you enjoy cooking in a space that has no air movement? Planning and cooking your meals should be a comfortable and relaxed experience. Most people enjoy kitchens with backyards. Having your kitchen open into one, would allow for plenty of greenery and lightness to your space.
  • Innovative ways to incorporate more natural light:  If your kitchen is small, then light (especially natural light) plays an important aspect in making it look spacious. Addition of a skylight can bring in adequate amounts of natural light, much more compared to adding a window of the same size. This helps negate the requirement for windows, giving you the extended wall space. You can then use up that extra area for accents or storage options like kitchen cupboards, countertops, and other units. Roof lanterns are another great way to add height and personality to a kitchen. They look great especially in traditional homes. You may even consider replacing solid doors with sliding glass ones.
  • Appropriate placement:  You need to know which direction and area you plan to extend. Any home extension or improvement project requires so much planning and investment, that you better get it right. Assess which part of your home requires the extension, and how much space can be utilised structurally without creating any problem with the foundation. Most likely, a side or rear extension into the backyard would seem ideal. You may require planning permission, but if it’s a small built-up area, it just might not.
  • Strategic planning of access to the kitchen:  Kitchens are spaces that are used the most. Hence, it is important to have direct access through the hallway. It should not have entries from any of the other rooms. Reaching the kitchen through the hallway, and opening it out into the garden — without eating away too much of your backyard land — would create extra space internally. Ideally, removing a wall or two would help shift the space; if there is a garage around the existing kitchen, converting it would also be a wise option.
  • Exterior design:  Imagine how you want the outside to appear. As much as decorating the interiors to look seamless with the design element, you would want the same for your home exterior too. Choose materials and designs that match both your interiors and exteriors. In this way it will help the extension to blend easily. You can opt for the same colour palette, or introduce colour blocking if you feel a little adventurous.

Kitchen extensions are one of the pet projects for householders. Creating an open space in the room that you use for meal planning, bringing together the family, eating and snacking, and so much more can add value to your home in many ways. It creates a happy space for you to enjoy as long as you live in the house. And eventually if you plan to sell it, you shall be delighted to know that in the property market, a home with an updated spacious kitchen never fails to fetch some extra moolah.