Exercises For Lower Back Pain

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There are few exercises if performed in routine can help you in reducing the frustrating back pain. Soreness, stiffness, and tension can also be relieved performing these exercises. When you start with these exercises, go easy on the movements, and go far as much as you can without feeling discomfort or pain.

1. Bottoms to heels stretch


Kneel on all four your hands and legs like in the image and place your knees below your hips. Make sure you are no over arching your back. Keep neck long, shoulders back and avoid locking elbows. Now slowly take bottom in the backward and maintain the curve of spine. Hold this position and take one deep breath and then return to your normal position. Repeat this 8-10 times.


  • Do not sit back on heels in case you have knee problem
  • Stretch as far you feel comfortable
  • Ensure that you maintain a correct position
  1. Knee rolls


Lie on back and place a book or cushion under your head. Now keep knees together and bent. Keep upper body in relaxing position and chin tucked in gently. Now roll your knees one side, now pelvis and keep your shoulders on floor. Hold this position and take one deep breath. Return to your position now and repeat it for eight-10 times on both the sides.


  • Move your knees as far as you feel comfortable
  • For comfort you can place a cushion between your knees
  1. Back extensions


Lie on stomach and hold your body on elbows giving length to your spine. Keep shoulders   back, neck long and push down on hands. You will feel a stretch in the muscles of your stomach and as you will arch in the backwards direction. Inhale and hold your breath for 5-10 seconds. Now return to the position from where you started and repeat this 8-10 times.


  • Keep hips on the ground
  • Don’t bend neck backwards
  1. Pelvic Tilts


Lie on back and place a flat and small cushion under head. Ben knees and keep feet in straight position. Keep the upper body relaxed and chin tucked in. Now flatten your low back gently into the floor and contract muscles of your stomach. Tilt pelvis and make a gentle arch. You must feel contraction in your back muscles. Return to your position and repeat 10-15 times.


Do not press shoulders, neck, and feet