Ditch the basics. Go for documentary wedding photography!

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Weddings are magical. Even this is a mere understatement. Everyone dreams about their wedding day right from childhood. As a kid whenever you used to attend any wedding, you must have thought to yourself that one day it will be you standing at the altar while the whole world would come to a standstill around you. A soft symphony will fill up the air and the love of your life will emerge at the other end of the hall, glistening and shining like a magical creature.

We all have a very strong power of imagination which enables us to imagine our wedding day right to the very little detail. So, growing up with that picture-perfect imagination makes us yearn for the same fairy-tale wedding with the love of our life that would embark the first step towards happily ever after. Apart from all the perfect arrangements, you need something that would help you to hold onto all the little memories made on such a special day. This is why you would need documentary wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire. Nigel Chapman Photography aims to capture every perfect moment on your D-day, and make it seem as real as possible. They also provide portfolio, event photography and corporate photography services.

Benefits of documentary wedding photography:

What is the use of making everything at your wedding perfect to the very little detail if you cannot hold onto it for the rest of your life? Memory starts fading away with time, and this is where the role of perfect pictures comes in. Not only do they show a scenario, but each and every picture tells a story. So, be very careful while deciding on what kind of wedding photography you want. If you want a regal wedding, then you can look for Hedsor House wedding photographer, and ask them to make the pictures look as candid as possible. Documentary type photographs tend to retain the candidness of the moment. Here are a few reasons why you should go for it:

  • Raw: Documentary wedding photographs capture the real essence of the moment. The aim is to keep things as raw and real as possible. A single glance at these types of photographs will instantly remind you what feelings were gushing through your veins right at that moment. As soon as the photographer tries to stage a perfect picture, it becomes pretty evident, and the photograph loses that natural touch. However, fortunately documentary wedding photographs do just the opposite. They retain the candidness of the moment, and instantly transport you to that very moment as soon as you look into it.
  • Surprises: Staged photographs centres around the bride and the groom, with very few pictures of the guests. But if you think for a while, what will you do with hundreds of same pictures of you and your partner? Not only will it be redundant, but it will also be boring. However, documentary photographs are filled with surprises! You will get to see a lot of funny moments captured in the pictures that you might have missed out on the main day. You might come across some hilarious pictures of guests making funny expressions or a kid tumbling over or even of the family dog playing up some mischief. What can be better than having a good laugh every time you pull these pictures out?!
  • No intrusion: A professional photographer who is too busy to get the perfect shot, might come off as too bossy and intrusive. They might boss around and keep on giving instructions of who should stand where, and who should be in the frame at all. This can be nerve wracking, honestly. However, a professional documentary photographer will still capture the perfect moment without making any forced changes to the frame. This effortless approach will add that magical touch to the pictures (and also not trouble the guests!).

These are the few benefits of going for documentary wedding photograph. Once you get the final copies, you will notice that each and every photograph is adding on to a whole story just like you are watching a documentary film. It is the best way to capture your wedding, and not make it seem staged and too perfect.