Cracking the Confidence Code – 5 Unique Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

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It doesn’t take a full-blown makeover, new house, or winning the lottery to boost your confidence. Feeling good about yourself doesn’t have to be that complicated. Here are five unique ways to boost your self-confidence.

Tackle missed skills

Have you ever felt less than excited to go do something because you are avoiding embarrassment? Maybe there’s that one thing you never learned to do or just aren’t the best in. Let’s take the pool for example. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, adult swimming lessons could help you feel confident in the water, leaving you free to go to the family pool party or girl’s beach vacation without anxiety. Find the thing you think you are terrible in, take a few classes, boost your skills, and reap in the newfound confidence.

Change your eating patterns

Diets are a huge pop culture answer for boosting self-confidence, and they come in all sorts of crazy flavors nowadays from keto, intermittent fasting and paleo to vegetarian, raw vegan, and even fruitarian. These fads usually die out quick, but there is something to be said for paying attention to how you eat. Even if weight loss isn’t your goal, eating the right foods at the right time can do wonders for your energy and make your face and body glow with good health. The key here is to avoid jumping on whatever fad diet everyone else happens to be doing. Find what works for you and incorporate the habits in your everyday life.

Clean house

Cleanliness is a form of self-respect. To boost your confidence, keep a tidy house. I know this is easier said than done, but the benefits of a clean house outweigh any negative connotation you have with cleaning. It doesn’t take much to tidy surfaces daily, keep up with taking out the trash, and having a home you feel happy in. You work hard every day. Luckily having a clean house isn’t hard work if done daily and minimally. Then you are always up for a surprise visit and a boost in confidence when people admire your space.

Smile more

The age-old debate is over: smiling really does make us happier. The ancient adage of “fake it til you make it” strikes again! If you are in a situation where you feel self-conscious or intimidated, go ahead and smile. Take it a step further and laugh at yourself. These strategies will help you make light of the situation and feel confident in your own skin (or teeth). If you haven’t smiled in the past because of cosmetic flaws, consider veneers to improve your smile so you can confidently flash it all day long.

Stretch yourself

In order to grow, you need to push yourself constantly. This goes for your body, too. Low self-confidence is associated with slouched posture and chronic looking-downness. You can reverse that entirely with the simple act of stretching. Whether you are at your desk or on the yoga mat, you can get the health benefits of stretching and yoga. If you are new to it, consider trying a class at your local fitness center. YouTube is also a great source for free classes. A few minutes a day for better posture, more comfort, and a happier outlook on life? That’s a definite win.

Self-confidence isn’t something that is bought at the store. By doing these five activities, you can harness your self-esteem and bring it to a level that helps you, rather than holding you back. You’ve been stuck long enough. Which unique way to boost self-confidence will you try out first?