Carefree stays – Things to look out for when selecting a serviced apartment

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Serviced apartments are commonly used by companies to host professionals who are assigned work for a very short term or for local works. Serviced apartments are also used for temporary stays before permanent relocation. Following are some important factors which you should consider before renting a serviced apartment to meet all your needs.


The first and foremost criterion for taking serviced apartment is the budget. Always do your research and find out the average cost of an apartment in that particular place. It has all kinds of home-like services and amenities for a home away from home at a lesser price than an equivalent size hotel. Not all serviced apartments provide the same services, so pay for only the services provided for you.


You should not be fooled by anything you come across while searching for an apartment. Do proper research. There are many websites available for this purpose along with customer reviews, services provided and ratings for each apartment. Read customer reviews and analyze before fixing an apartment. You get realistic feedback about the service provider only through customer feedback. This also helps us to know more about the commitment level and consistency of the apartment service provider.


The location of the apartment is a crucial factor. It should be nearby to public transport services, shopping areas and famous spots in the city. Staying in the city is very beneficial. This can save you money and time.


It is advised to try and know more about the safety of the apartment. Make sure that there is round the clock security and other services to provide security to tenants. Know about the security measures and rules followed in the society. Check for safety cameras, rooms and secured entrance and exits. Also, look for a 24×7 help desk and maintenance services.


Look out for spaciousness and plenty of space to avoid congested or claustrophobic feeling. Opt for up-to-date facilities like TVs and other facilities. Services like maintenance personnel, emergency exit, fire extinguishers, and other safety measures should be provided. Swimming pool and park area are also provided in some apartment complexes which are accessible to everyone. Some places also promise to provide sauna and spa options for adults. Luxurious stays like these also include apartments located near beaches and nightlife options.


Serviced apartments always come with housekeeping provided by the host or apartment authority. Daily cleaning and linen and towel service are taken care of in standard apartments. There is no need of spending time on tidying up.


If you are looking for a service apartment in the city area then ask for accreditations and rewards the service provider has received during past years and check whether it is accredited by professionals.


The number of years your service provider was in the industry is another factor you should check on. At least 10 years of experience is preferred to choose a place to stay. More experience in the field makes it easy for dealing with the customer.


If you are in a new place for short term work, it is important to choose a place where there is less distraction from the people around. If you are in a meeting and people are just going in and out, that will be a problem. It is therefore advised to choose a place where you get privacy.

Other requirements

When generally looking for apartments we plan on choosing one which is airy, spacious and modern with new technology and closer to public transport and other necessary requirements needed for daily life. A good neighborhood is also another important factor. Apart from all this, services should be available 24×7 so that you don’t have to worry about the stay and focus on your work or vacation depending on the purpose of your stay.