Care for your Car: The Fundamentals of Maintenance

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Have you ever felt that your personal vehicle is an extension of your home? Owning one is not just a luxury any more in today’s time. It is one of the best ways to commute, run your errands, drop off your family to school (or work), enjoy various sights and go for long drives at leisure. Whatever the reason, we know that the automobile industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. We have cars for every budget, which translates to instant road access for a lot of families.

Do you go for a regular health check-up to your doctor? To keep things running efficiently and smoothly, your car needs to be maintained regularly too. When you buy your car, the manufacturer presets a schedule to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.  Basic services include an engine check-up, clearing the air filter, spark plug adjustment and replacement of the engine oil. If you are unsure about what kind of attention your car needs, then you should perform regular inspections with a reliable car service in Perth. The Car Doctor is one such authority. The company has been delivering brake repairs, exhaust replacement, log book maintenance, steering and suspension repairs, et al for over 15 years.

Simple tips to keep your car in top shape for a long time

Not many of us who drive a car know everything we should about it. Understanding car maintenance helps us to improve safety, decrease maintenance costs, minimize emergencies, and, in turn, enhance performance. So, here are some things that you can do for the regular upkeep of your car:

  • Changing the air filter:  It might seem like the smallest job, but if you don’t service it regularly, it becomes the biggest problem. Over a period of time, the filter absorbs all the dirt from your engine and gets congested. Like your lungs, it is central to the respiration of your vehicle.
  • Don’t service it yourself:  Newer cars may boast of complex mechanisms, which you simply cannot maintain on your own.  You need the right software and computer setup to tune up the vehicle. These skills are best left to the hands of a trained and experienced mechanic in Mandurah. A trained mechanic can easily spot when something looks amiss.
  • Lose the sun:  Your car doesn’t need any Vitamin D. So, park your car in the shade. This not only keeps the interiors cool, but also protects the windscreen coating of your car, the car battery, tyres, and prevents petrol in the gas tank from evaporating.
  • Keep it cool:  Just like you need to keep your cool in the scorching summer, your car needs its coolant to be well checked. This ensures that the engine does not melt from the extreme heat. Always check your car for leaks that drain the coolant, else you may suddenly notice the temperature gauge rising. For a quick top off, you get to buy pre-mixed coolant and water.
  • Inspect tyre pressure:  It is a key factor in maintaining your car’s health. What is the best time to check it? Always check the pressure of your tyre when you fill up fuel, and every time the weather changes by ten degrees. Having a check-up every thirty days is important. Make sure the tyre valve has all its caps intact.
  • Clean your tyres and wheels:  Don’t you always find dirt and soil stuck to your car wheels? You must ensure that everything is kept sparkling clean. Car wheels are an important part of maintaining your automobile. Any dirt that accumulates can build up and start to corrode the metal. You can also buy cleaning agents that are specific to each type of wheel — be it aluminium, steel or chrome. Using the wrong type of cleaner can leave irreparable marks on the wheel. Spray your tyres with cleaning agent, allow to sit for some time, and then scrub and jet spray with water – and voila! You have clean tyres and wheels!

Many automobile owners do not take the efforts to maintain their vehicle. If you want to increase your vehicle’s lifespan, you need to follow the above measures. As a result of not investing in maintenance, you can end up with mechanical defects that could have been completely avoided. They say — an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Apples won’t save your car, but you can. And after reading this, you now know what exactly needs to be done to ensure your car is in top shape?