Butterfly Ping Pong Rackets

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Many known table tennis table manufacturers produce their own lines of premade or pre-assembled paddles and the differences between them and the regular rackets you will find at any sports store are huge. These paddles are ready-to-use immediately, they are built to last based on unique and innovative technology and the owners will benefit from a full replacement of the rubber when the surface wears out.

Their only disadvantage compared to common ping pong paddles is their price. However, before you jump to conclusions and start calculating whether purchasing a dozen regular rackets instead of a set of professional Butterfly ping pong rackets, you should know that what makes them so wonderful is the quality of the wooden handle and the rubber mixture.

If money is not an issue or you are participating in tournaments and competitions, then you will want to invest in the Butterfly ping pong rackets because you will be able to benefit from a very light handle that is easy to grab and that can absorb the hand perspiration during your ping pong matches. In addition, with these quality paddles you will be sure that the trajectory of the ball is the one you intended and it does not get modified by a bump or a wearing in the rubber. In other words, professional Butterfly paddles will take your ping pong experience to a whole new level.

If you intend to purchase some professional paddles like the Butterfly ping pong rackets, then you should know that the quality standards that apply to a certain brand do not apply for other brands as well. Normally you can compare quality between the paddles of the same manufacturer. However, you will not be able to compare the quality of paddles or rackets that are produced by different manufacturers. Therefore, keep that in mind when you are reading various reviews in order to make a decision about the paddle that is right for you.

One big advantage of the reputable table tennis table equipment manufacturers is that they have well-built and informative sites that help out all players, regardless of their level, to make a pick. For example, if you were to visit the manufacturer site for the Butterfly ping pong rackets then you will notice all paddles have a tag that provides information regarding the recommended level of the player. Furthermore, you will also notice that most paddles on the website include ITTF approved rubber. What this means is that if you improve your level of play and participate in semi-official or official tournaments, you will not have to invest in another ITTF approved equipment.

The Butterfly ping pong rackets are ideal for first time players due to the resilience of the paddles and the user friendly interface of the website. However, Butterfly is also a good pick for professional players since the manufacturer provides detailed information about the quality of the rubber and allows players to assemble their own paddle, if you take a look, for example, at their pro-line rackets. Normally these parts of rubber and wooden handles are of superior quality compared to premade rackets. Nonetheless, if you are an intermediate level player and you want a better paddle, the manufacturers will assemble the racket for you.