Benefits of Concrete furniture: Will these help you make that purchase?

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Even though concrete had found its use in construction, flooring and various other applications, the use of it as an element of furniture is relatively new. Take a look at some of those newly designed homes, and you will be pleasantly startled to find it being used in so many innovative ways. Have you seen concrete planters? Or garden benches? Or fireplaces? Or decorative shelves in a home? They are pretty much common these days! But of course, concrete is not a modern-day invention. You will find that the use of this material dates back to the Roman civilization! The integrity of concrete depends on the amount of water that is mixed into it. Interestingly, how you work with it depends entirely on the different components added to it.

Customized furniture is central to the theme of any well-planned space. Ornamental designs add flair, along with the use of unique methods and materials, to gel well with the space and the design concept. With   concrete, staining will give a beautiful hue. There are many ways to increase the appeal, and make it adaptable to your home. (Staining is just one!) Are you searching for a meticulously-crafted, concrete top dining table in Sydney? Caste-in concrete design helps make the job easier, with their well-budgeted, and finely designed, concrete tables in varying shapes, and hand-made designs. We all want a piece that has its own individual style, and a story to tell. We want you to find one that matches your personality and life-story.  

What are the advantages of using concrete furniture for your homes?

When you think of cement, you generally think of construction — it’s the most common application. But, in modern times, owing to its strength, it has been used to fabricate patio furniture, fire pits, industrial vases, concrete sinks, and much more! There is no limit on the fun you can have with it. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using concrete in designing furniture:

  • Durability: Concrete will not degrade easily, and builds strength over time. It can bear the brunt of harsh temperatures, is resistant to water, fire, erosion and pests. Even if your child (or someone else’s) loves jumping on your precious furniture, you won’t have to break into a sweat? Your furniture will last you a lifetime — or many lifetimes (i.e. generations!)! Concrete is built to last? It is very low maintenance, and requires minimal cleaning efforts.
  • Cost effective: Concrete furniture is lower in price, compared to other materials. You can easily recycle it too. So, the next time you eye an exquisitely-carved piece, get It made with concrete so as not to burn a hole in your pocket. Due to the low cost in repairs, or no repairs, it adds up to become a solid investment.
  • Bespoke:  You can get any design, structure, and shape moulded to create custom-made furniture. These are usually one-of-a-kind pieces. Try stretching your imagination, and create something impressive! The creativity process behind this material is endless, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece. Your new furniture will make for great conversation starters, and is no less than a painting, or decorative piece of art. Not to mention the fact that what you shall own would be uniquely yours.
  • Range of colours: Due to its staining properties, and integrated colour mechanisms, you can go crazy with a range of colour options. It can be painted, or stained with an extensive spectrum of colours. This helps to blend your furniture into any space easily. Tan browns, terracotta, sage greens, sapphire blue, walnut, and earthy oranges are interesting colour options seen in concrete staining.
  • Beautiful finishes and designs: With concrete, the possibilities of creating amazing textures, intricate carvings, stylised designs, etc. are endless— from contemporary to rustic. Gone are the days of plain white or grey benches and tables. You can go crazy with your fancy. The same goes about the texture. The rawness and roughness of its texture are USPs of concrete. So play them up! Especially when you are looking for design elements for an industrial and modern home.
  • Perfect for outdoor: You can go wild with landscaping your outdoors by adding concrete chairs and benches as additional elements of design. It combines well with all design features.  Due to its wonderful weather-resistant properties, there is nothing that can beat concrete as material for outdoor furniture! You can also mix and match it with various other materials and elements for that added pizzazz. Also, a single piece, like an elegantly and intricately carved concrete fountain or gazebo, has the power to dress up an entire yard that has only greenery otherwise.

Due to its very distinctive look, practicality and versatile nature, concrete has become a popular choice among designers, architects and home-owners. The unending possibilities and natural rawness are making sure that this design trend is here to stay. Are you convinced to jump on the concrete-bandwagon?