5 tips on getting those memorable photo booth pics

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With digitization, we no more depend on photo booths for capturing the special moments of our lives. But, the charm of photo booth and the fun of clicking photos in a different set-up is still as fresh as it used to be in the traditional days.

With the advent of modern technologies, photography has changed a lot, and photo booths are not exceptional. Photobooth in Perth has also traveled a long way since the old days, and there are now more equipped with modern amenities, and you also get the option of clicking in the open air.

So, why not utilize the technical advancement and click some exciting pictures, while keeping the fun alive.

Tips for memorable photo booth pics


Pay attention to details

Small things make a picture look perfect. And you will surely want to love looking at it even after 20 years later as this is one thing that will capture the moment with your friends and your age too. So, why not be a bit careful and pay importance to minute details?

If it’s only you and your friend, then try to dress up in a matching or contradictory manner. Puff up your hair so that it hides your double chin or zits. Stay in a position which gives the best view of you both. Make sure that you both complement each other.

If you are clicking a group photo, then have something in common, might be your mobiles or some roses in your hands.

Be unique

Everyone is not an expert model, but if you want to click that perfect picture, be yourself. When we say, ‘be yourself,’ we don’t mean being grave or serious – you are not here for your VISA photograph.

After all, photo booths are for fun, so enjoy. Try to bring out the funky person in you and don’t fear to be experimental. Be as silly and stupid as you can and cherish every bit of your experience at the photo booth.

In case you run out of ideas and poses, take the help of the photographer. With his immense experience, he will love to guide you.

The more, the merrier

When it comes to having a memorable experience of clicking at photo booths, the saying ‘the more, the merrier’ is true.

So, the next time your senior asks you to organize corporate events in Perth, ensure to include photo booths. Get your camera, or hire a photographer, arrange some props depending on the occasion (e.g., arrange for Santa caps and Christmas trees for Christmas party) and let everyone have fun photo shooting.

Moreover, photo booths are intended to fit many faces into one frame. It is also an excellent idea for house parties and get together and are an excellent source of fun.

Tell a story

Some of the best photo booth pictures are those who tell a story. And it is best when you click them in large groups. Assign a character to every person and let each one speak through his expressions. You can use props also to give life to a moment.

For example, if you want your son to know how messy he used to be during his toddler days, dress him up in the best attire and hand him a big bar of chocolate. Wait for a few minutes, and you all will be ready for the pose. While you will know how to pose, the chocolate would have directed the toddler to pose.

Have fun

The core of photo booth pics is to have fun, so the most important tip for the picture perfect pic is to enjoy every bit of it. If you are happy, your natural photos will also tell a story.

If you are not comfortable taking pictures, try to throw the lens out your mind. Focus on the moment and the relationship you share with your friends with whom you will share the frame. Or better still, hide behind a prop.


Photo booths offer a great source of entertainment, and they will continue to do so not just because of the photographs, but also for the experience.