4 Star Accommodations Most Popular Amongst Travellers

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toursAfter you have decided on your destination for your holiday next you have the task of selecting your accommodation. This can make or break a vacation, because if you are not happy with the place you are staying at, it can ruin your entire south east asia holidays.

The poll conducted by this week centered on the topic of which star rating holiday makers were most likely to opt for. It is common knowledge that hotels are given star ratings, ranging from the basic 1 star hotel to the luxury 5 star class.

Hotels and accommodation receive their star ratings based on the facilities and amenities they offer guests. A 5 Star accommodation for instance denotes complete luxury. Four star hotels too offers guests most facilities and amenities and are generally considered to be quality hotels.

Offering facilities to ensure a comfortable if not quite a luxurious stay are the 3 Star accommodations, while 2 Star accommodations do offer good standards with basic facilities such as an attached bathroom in most cases. As the name suggests 1 Star hotels offer the minimum facilities and with shared facilities.

According to the results of the poll for which 1286 responses were received, 4 Star hotels came on top polling 70% of the results. This is mainly due to people appreciating a certain amount of pampering while on holiday, while not quite willing spend or being able to afford the high rates of a 5 Star accommodation. While most travellers do look for that ‘home away from home’ feeling, they are not really looking for a totally home experience, but instead for comfort and a little bit of spoiling, where the day to day activities of cooking and cleaning are taken care of, while all the guest has to do is enjoy his/her holiday.

It is for this very reason that 3 Star hotels polled 15% of the votes, as guests can enjoy Star class accommodations on a reasonable budget. Receiving 10% were 5 Star hotels as these luxury accommodations are not within every traveler’s budget.

The lower end accommodations of 2 Star and 1 Star hotels, are mostly popular amongst students and backpackers, traveling on very tight or limited budgets while being comfortable with the concept of ‘roughing it’ while on holiday. These types of travelers simply require a place to lie down for the night, or to keep their belongings while they sight see during the day. According to the poll however 1 Star accommodations did not receive any votes with 2 Star accommodations polling 5%.